Self help vocational training programs for the rural women

MTN provides practical training programs for village girls and widows. This nine-month training program teaches young women literacy, hygiene and moral training along with sewing classes. India women are treated as second-class citizens but at the institute these women receive love and attention and come to understand the principle of equality between men and women, which greatly enhances their self-esteem. Once a woman has successfully completed this program she is encouraged to return to her community and share her newly acquired skills. When these once beaten down women return to their villages, they have a positive effect on their entire communities.

These trained women bring back new ideas about health, hygiene and are vocal proponents of educating children. This program has given "life" to hundreds of previously downtrodden and disadvantaged women who, with this practical training and a little encouragement, have become leaders in their villages and have helped to increase the quality of life for many others. Please give to this program so MTN can continue to help these women better their own lives and many others as well.

Donate one woman's training, sewing machine and supplies for only $300.
One sewing machine $120.00.
Sewing business start-up supplies $59.00.